Why Wedding Cakes With Fried Turkey Is A Brilliant Dinner Idea

The centerpiece of the thanksgiving dinner table is the fried turkey; and there is no changing that. But that is not to say there is nothing to you can do to make the fried turkey menu a little more exciting.

It could be that you are having your wedding during this cheer-filled season, or would like to make fried turkey part of your wedding reception menu. Today, wedding cake designers have worked without a lot of special and unfamiliar requests.

That is why you can even order a wedding cake topper in shape of fried turkey. So, if you celebrate your nuptials over the thanksgiving season, this would amount to enjoying two great occasions in a single sitting. People love thanksgiving, and many families and friends live for the cosy reunions this holiday sets in motion.

So, you can imagine how memorable your wedding will be when people also remember it for giving them one of the happiest thanksgiving meals they could remember. And since weddings are exciting and happy occasions, your guests will have plenty of things to be happy about when your wedding reception has a palpable thanksgiving feel.

Furthermore, it is not just the turkey people would be excited about, but the wedding cake as well. Everyone likes to have a piece of the wedding cake, even when they can willingly pass up on other menu items.

Therefore, by giving your dinner guests wedding cakes and turkey, you will also give them two more compelling reasons to be thrilled about your wedding reception. The cake should also be a saving grace to any guests who adhere to a vegetarian diet and cannot enjoy the fried turkey.

For a more fulfilling experience, you should make an effort to ensure that other items on the menu are just as exciting. And it’s not just the main course meals, but the appetizers and side dishes as well.

The beverages and the desserts are also as important to have a truly thrilling culinary ensemble. Speaking of which, the wedding cake itself can actually make for a great dessert item, while still remaining to be the climax of this dinner.

When it comes to getting a wedding cake designer to supply you with a cake topped with fried turkey, it is important to do a little research first. Some wedding designers are great at creating custom toppers.

This means you can have the turkey-based topper designed to your specifications and nothing less. They should even show you a glimpse of what you will be getting on the appointed day to avoid any major disappointing surprises.

But all in all, a wedding cake with fried turkey dinner is a great and exciting dinner menu idea. It is also a great way to ensure that your guests have fond memories about your thanksgiving-themed wedding reception.


Your Engagement Ring Makes The Perfect Wedding Cake Topper

It’s easy to see why choosing the best cake is one of the most enjoyable parts of wedding planning. If you’ve had a hard time getting your significant other on board to screen DJs, choose dinnerware for place settings, or screen venues, you’ll find that this same individual is all too eager to help you sample and order baked goods.

Beyond indulging in a wealth of sugary, baked treats, you’ll also have the ability to custom-build a confection based upon your favorite flavors, colors, and styles.

Following are several tips to ensure that you’re able to make an informed selection in bakers, and that the wedding cake you end up with is exactly what you imagined. 

If you’re smart, you rushed right out and landed a reservation at your favorite wedding venue as soon as you became engaged. Don’t consider yourself as being out of the woods just yet though.

You still have to secure the services of a number of different service providers, all of whom are likely to be inundated with requests throughout the busy wedding season. Your baker is one of them.

Sadly, a lot of people make the mistake of making this one of the very last tasks on their to-do lists. Take the time to start researching bakeries early on. There are a number of top-rated, wedding cake designers in and around San Diego CA. 

You don’t have to get all of the decorative elements for your wedding cake from the San Diego CA bakery you choose. While a reputable and established baker will be able to create or source a vast range eye-catching cake toppers and other cake decor, you can also find a number of attractive options on the web, and often at more affordable prices.

The most important and eye-catching part of the cake itself is the topper, which can reflect the mood and theme of the wedding. 

Your wedding cake topper gives you the perfect opportunity to tie every element of your dream wedding together. The most popular element nowadays is to choose a wedding cake topper in the shape of your engagement ring. 

Keep in mind that the topper will invariably be one of the most noticeable and memorable things on your cake. It will also be the one keepsake that you can preserve for generations to come.

The wedding cake topper in shape of engagement ring will be a perfect momento as it will be cherished in your pictures forever as the first symbol of acceptance of your union as a couple. The ring and cake go hand in hand to symbolise your day. 

Thus, while it might seem like a small thing, it’s definitely a detail that you want to pay careful attention to. 

Keep in mind that not every wedding cake designer in San Diego CA is going to be proficient in the type of cake design you need. Some bakers only work with fondant, and some only work with buttercream.

Others are capable of making multi-tiered cakes, while others still, solely work in single layer, purist styles. Knowing even a very little bit about what you want before ordering the cake will make it easier to whittle providers down.

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Choosing The Best Custom Made Wedding Cake in Houston Texas

Every wedding couple always wants their big day to go down as a memorable event not only for them, but also for the guests. And one way to complete that wish is choosing the best wedding cake.

Apart from the part of exchanging vows, cutting the cake is the next most important part that  everyone awaits with bated breathe. Do you want a regular cake or one that will be baked not only to your taste, but also to the theme for the day?

Of course, the latter is the option you would want, whatever be the price to be guaranteed of a colorful event. You probably know that you can easily find a great cake from your wedding local retail shops.

But that is not what you want for your biggest and happiest day in your life. That is why choosing a custom made cake would be the best decision to make. 

If you need more convincing, there are a lot of perks for a wedding cake made to your personal preference. You get the privilege to choose the best bakers. Picking random cakes from unknown bakeries is not what you would want.

Here you have the chance not only to get cakes from the best bakery, but also to personally vet those who will be baking it. You can assess their experience and decide whether they qualify to do you the honors of preparing a befitting cake for your wedding.

It will be tailor made to your preferences. No one other than a local baker can get you the best cake where your preferences will be taken into consideration.

More importantly, the tastes of the bride should be given serious considerations since this is her day.

The theme, motif and color schemes have to be carefully decided to synchronize them with the day. You have that in your hands now.

You can be sure of the quality of ingredients. A delicious cake is all about the quality of ingredients. Since this one will be made to your particular taste, you will have the ingredients balanced to a great taste.

You are in control here and whatever you want will be the command of the bakers. Your wedding should be all about you.

One way to make that reality come to pass is by being the one to decide the kind of cake you will be cutting.

Custom made cake for your wedding will leave a great taste and lasting memory for the day you say your vows.

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The Wedding Dress Shaped Topper for Your Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes without toppers are boring and unmemorable. Cake toppers are truly an artistic centerpiece and speak volumes about the couple and the event.

Wedding cakes come in different designs and when choosing a one, you should take your cake topper into consideration. Even when wedding cakes are made to fit in with your theme, colors and wedding dresses, so many variables can throw your topper off course and make it inappropriate for your event. 

Do you want a trendy or timeless wedding cake topper? Toppers can be timeless. Do you want your grand kids to see the topper?

Or is it simply a part of your cake that’ll get tossed in the trash right after the event. If your topper is in the shape of your wedding dress, it will be remembered forever.

Traditional wedding cake toppers in the shape of a wedding dress and tuxedo are one of the most common and popular toppers available.

You can make unique wedding dress shaped cake toppers to show a representation of the couple in formal wedding attire.

In order to create a cohesive wedding look, ask yourself some simple questions. The topper will be cherished forever in your memory and that of your guests.

Generations of people will look at your topper in the shape of your wedding dress and admire your choice.

Do you want to make a great statement with your wedding cake topper? Being unique is modern and artsy.

If this is what you are going for, a wedding cake topper in the shape of wedding dresses or tuxedos can be customised to reflect your figurines.

The topper is always the center piece of a wedding cake but is never intended to draw attention completely away from the cake. When couples decide to make it the core focus, it is usually planned out. 

Timeless details at weddings is a favorite for many brides and some even want it to be so timeless that it becomes a family heirloom.

Your wedding day is a special occasion and to make it even more memorable, ensure that the smallest detail like your topper is something you love.

It is also important to spend time to choose the perfect wedding dress, because it will be the single most signature element of your wedding party and your wedding cake.

When you pick the perfect wedding dress that you make you glow on your day, you will surely kill two birds in a single stone.

Start your shopping at a reasonable time before your wedding date, to get details like fit, color and accessories right on spot.

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Wedding Cake Gift For A Bridal Party At A Medspa

In the crazy activities leading to the big day, you’re going to need to rely on your bridal party for a number of things. From choosing the perfect dress to scheduling tastings for the wedding cake or booking that band you’ve always dreamed of playing at your wedding, your bridesmaids are an invaluable team of assets. 

It’s sometimes easy to forget that these special group of women, have lives of their own and are using up huge chunks of their energy and personal resources to make sure your wedding day is memorable. 

Whether you plan to settle on a mixed selection of close family and friends or just a few BFFs, the women who’ll make up your bridal party are not simply personal assistants or concierges and will be part of your life even after the wedding day is over.

For this reason, it’s really important that you do the best you can to show them how thankful you are that they are by your side. To ensure you create a positive atmosphere to get your girls acquainted and keep them happy, here are some cool ways you can treat your bridesmaids to remind them that they are loved and appreciated. 

What better way to bond than over some incredible facials and hair treatments? Pamper your bridesmaids at any of the top medspas in Houston, TX and watch how much more committed they’d be to making sure they show up to the next activity. 

If you live in the same city with members of your bridal party, then inviting a few of them out to a medspa to enjoy some delicious cake could be a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

Exchanging stories over some good food while making decisions about what you want included in the wedding reception menu will be a memorable experience. The details of wedding cake are one of those things you’d probably want to settle on with your future husband or wife.

However, it wouldn’t hurt to organize a mini tasting session with the ladies prior where you visit some of Houston TX’s best bakeries and try out different deserts. All of this, while taking advantage of the chill atmosphere to discuss the wedding and other related and non-related topics. 

You could use their help in creating some signature cocktails or choosing wines that will be included in menu for the big day. If you decide to start the day with some cake tasting, then you could leave the sweet stuff after a while and move on to a different location for some drinks or food.

The medspa experience is rejuvenating and can lift up the spirits of your bridesmaids, helping them pour out their thrilling ideas, as said wellness director from laserhairremovalhoustontexas.com.

Limousine Shaped Wedding Cake Topper in Houston TX

Planning a wedding is not something easy. It takes a lot of dedication, hard work, and lots of time as well. These explain the reason why a smooth and well-planned wedding leaves the bridal party, family members, and guests all satisfied.

In Houston, TX and the world over, one vital aspect to look at when planning your wedding is the way to decorate your wedding cake. A memorable wedding should have a classy looking as well as tasty wedding cake.

Since the cake is placed right at the front during the reception, it’s important that its decorations be made attractive and pleasing to the eyes too, apart from being baked deliciously.

Wedding cake toppers, therefore, contribute a significant proportion of the cake as they are placed just on the top of the cake. Wedding cakes have had toppers for many years, but how it all started is a mystery that nobody possibly knows.

Wedding cake toppers of limousine shape take the forefront in wedding cakes in Houston TX. There are many topping designs nowadays, and many bakers have taken creativity to a higher level.

They have the capability of baking cakes of different designs depending on the couple’s request.The couples have many choices with their cake design needs. For example, a couple can choose a wedding topper in the shape of a limousine; one of the most used models in Houston TX.

It is a design in which a cake is baked to look exactly like a limousine. It is then placed on top of the cake beautifully to make the cake’s appearance even more lovely. Others choose designs that match their wedding themes.

These ideas may be discussed with the baker and the options available considered. Nowadays, cake toppers are getting unique in design than ever before. There is an evolution of different designs from funny ones to vintage.

In this city, in particular, the limousine shaped toppers have become familiar, and more couples are using them in their weddings. Couples prefer this design on their cakes, some for their love for the car brand while for others, it’s for the cute look it brings out.

Different couples have their reasons for their love for this design. Cake toppers are considered to be a honoring expression of a wedding ceremony.

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Personalised Wedding Cake Topper In Shape of Limousine

Are you looking for a cake topper that will be fascinating in your dream wedding? Or are you confused about a wedding cake top that will reflect you and your love in your wedding?

Then worry no more. An excellent wedding cake topper can make your wedding cake different from another fancy cake. It is always advisable for couples to choose a wedding cake topper that will reflect them.

If you are both into riding a limousine, you can pick a wedding cake topper in the shape of a limousine. This is classy. You will love it.

It will speak about your personality, and it is impossible to resist. It is important to work with your cake designer and develop something unusual.

Some couples in Houston TX are trying newer fascinating cake tops such as shapes of limousine. Traditional brides will always opt for the usual bride and bride groom figurines.

Modern brides would want to try something unique. A wedding cake topper in shape of limousine is a good example of unique cake tops for modern brides. You should showcase your humor by choosing something that matches your personalities.

You should try something fashionable. A limousine wedding cake topper would make your cake the real talking point after the wedding. Adding humor can also work it.

For instance, you could try a cake with a funny bride and bride groom topper making it original. It is important you ensure that the funny wedding cake topper reflects your personalities.

This will ensure the joke is not lost on some guests. You can also try more fashionable alternatives alongside your wedding cake topper to make it more exciting.

Flowers can offer you a greater feature on the wedding cake alongside your cake topper. Some couples in Houston TX are trying fresh flowers to match the ones in their bouquet. You could also add ribbons in your cake.

Ribbons although simple, are effective in decorating the wedding cake. Ribbons will work perfectly if you tie them into your color scheme. Another fashionable style popular in Houston TX is boldly patterned wedding cakes integrated with the cup cake towers.

It is advisable that you work with your cake designer to choose a wedding cake topper that will match your personality. There are comprehensive collections of style and theme you can choose from us.

However, I will recommend you try a wedding cake topper in shape of limousine. It is unique and classy and will speak out your personality.

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Wedding Cake Topper In Shape of Dancing Couple

Are you planning to wed soon? Well, then a terrific cake must be part of your budget. No matter the size of your cake, you should always remember that a customized cake topper would make the perfect statement at your wedding.

As much as there are countless different types of cake toppers, a wedding cake topper in shape of dancing couple is the most common in Houston, TX weddings. There are some important factors to consider when searching for wedding cake toppers including the size of the topper, type of material used and its level of customization.

Any wedding topper placed on a cake should complement its size and weight. Big toppers can only be placed on large cakes to prevent their destruction, while minute toppers will look peculiar on big cakes.

For a 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 inches tall cake, a traditional topper should measure 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5 or 4 inches tall respectively. On the other hand, modern toppers are lighter and should measure 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5 or 5 inches tall respectively.

Wedding cake toppers may be edible or non-edible. Most traditional wedding toppers are inedible as they are made of clay, ceramic, porcelain or resin. Modern wedding toppers are customizable, with most of them coming in edible materials.

Most of them are made of regular sugar and flour, or gluten and other sugar-free ingredients. There is no limitation when it comes to customization of a wedding cake topper. A customized wedding cake topper in the shape of a dancing couple can be made with the models in any posture.

This depends mainly on the client’s request and the skills and capabilities of the cake topper company. Whether you want it edible or non-edible, some wedding cake supplies companies will make the wedding cake topper with skin color and hair color that corresponds to that of the bride and bridegroom.

Their faces and outfits can even be customized to appear exactly like the couple. If you want to wed in Houston, TX, there are countless places for you to find the perfect customized wedding cake topper in the shape of a dancing couple.

If you want it entirely customized to your exact specifications, it helps to personally contact the company and let them know exactly what you want. This will definitely cost a tad bit more money and take longer to design.

However, you will have fulfilled your wedding dream and expressed your individuality through a stunning cake centerpiece that fits your day.

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Few Factors To Consider While Choosing Engagement Ring Cake Toppers

Planning a wedding is not easy. During the entire process, no decision is half the fun as choosing the wedding cake. Think about it; you get to savor multiple slices of professionally baked cake until you reach a decision. 

Like buying a car, you can’t just show up at a dealership and ask to be shown all their cars. First, you must take your time to envision your ideal cake before you go rushing to the bakery.

During this time, research becomes a couple’s best friend. You can view cake photographs on magazines, baking books and even surf the web for inspiration. The look and the flavor of your ideal wedding cake should help you narrow down your focus.

Even more important is your wedding cake topper. Your cake topper will be one of the best elements of your wedding and it should reflect your mood and the wedding theme.

The best ideas for a topper are those which are close and personal to you. The engagement ring, wedding dress and accessories are all personal and unique to you. 

Follow the guidelines below when choosing the cake and topper for your big day for the best results. Your online research should lead you to some wedding sites where you can obtain divergent views from other couples who have made the right choices and been happy with it.

These findings will lead you to a few dependable bakeries which you can research to see some of their work. If you like what you see online, then you can visit the shop personally and meet the professionals. 

It is advisable that you leave the bakery with a photo of what to expect from the final product. This will steer you clear of any surprises. Another important factor is to ensure that you feel comfortable with the bakers. 

It is often said that a bride should take six months doing cake shopping. The brides in San Diego, CA spend quality time to look for the best cakes to make their special day extra special.

However, a time frame of at least three months should allow you to choose and order the perfect cake for your nuptial. In fact, you should order your wedding cake as soon as you know the wedding venue and color scheme of your big day.

It is imperative that both of you love how the cake tastes and looks. This vital point cannot be emphasized enough. Ensure that you taste every flavor in the cake before placing an order.

Do not assume that since the cake is vanilla, strawberry or chocolate you know how it will taste. The flavors usually vary depending on how the cake is made. You can avoid alienating guests who are unfamiliar with the flavor by avoiding exotic tastes. 

Gone are the days when every wedding cake had two plastic figurines on top dressed in bridal clothes. 

The flavor and look are well complemented by the cake topper. The most popular theme is the topper in shape of your engagement ring. The engagement ring shaped topper can be a great addition to your wedding day.

This is an extra special topper because the engagement ring will shine in glory on your hand as well as sit on top of your lovely wedding cake to be admired and loved by all.

Couples nowadays, brides especially, take their color scheme to the bakery for better and unique color synchronization. Others try to coordinate their wedding jewelry with the cake adornments.

Couples make lots of mistakes when choosing the cake. Avoid getting input from many sources. When choosing your cake, all that matters is the bride and groom’s opinion.

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Wedding Venues With Wedding Cake Specials In Houston TX

The adage of “too much complexity increases the chances of failure” is important in every part of our lives. Weddings are not an exception.

If you can find a firm that can cater to more than one of your needs, you reduce the chances of errors. The wedding venue is an area that you can improve.

Traditionally, you would only be offered a wedding venue without any additional services. You need a wedding venue that makes a meaningful contribution to other areas of the ceremony. 

You can get someone that will provide the wedding venue and make the wedding cake. Careful selection is crucial at this stage because if you choose the wrong firm, you may end up with a horrible venue, inedible cake or both.

Your decision should be based on the beauty of the venue and the quality of the wedding cake package.

You no longer need two separate companies for the wedding venue and the wedding cake. There are seasoned specialists who ensure that you have a beautiful venue for your ceremony accompanied by the best wedding cake and pastries available.

When properly executed, cake and pastries can ensure that family and friends will talk about how good your wedding was for years to come. However, a bad cake can leave a sour taste in the mouth of your guests.

Expert chefs will offer you Michelin star quality in an affordable package. Wedding cake specials should go beyond the common cake. They will not only make you a gorgeous wedding cake, but also include pastries and fruits.

Whether you want tarts, cookies or pies, the chef should create a package that ensures all your guests are well served. The wedding venue team will provide you with plastic cups, plates, napkins, and cutlery to ensure your guests do not have to share.

It is best to choose a wedding cake package that is flexible and affordable. Regardless of your budget, the wedding service providers are committed to giving your guest a memorable experience. You can customize the package by removing some items and replacing them with similarly priced items.

It is important to ensure that the theme of your wedding translates in both the setting and the food. The staff at the venue are the ones who will decorate the venue for you, and will also decorate the cake in the same way. This is an added advantage for the wedding experience.

If you wish to pack goodies for your guests, the venue staff must ensure even the customized packing aligns with your theme. They should know the little things that make a wedding truly special.

Having one company that handles both the wedding cake and the wedding venue will alleviate a lot of stress. There are many places in Houston TX that you can explore for your grand day.

The Bell Tower on 34th is a Houston-based nationally recognized top quality venues in America for your wedding, social or corporate event. To learn more about their company, visit them at thebelltoweron34th.com.

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