Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Photographer For Your Wedding Cake Photography

Congratulations on your big day. During this once in a lifetime celebration, you want to remember the event as much as you can. The cake is an integral part of a wedding celebration, and it needs to be well documented. 

With the current economic strain, most couples forego the services of a professional photographer and opt to look for someone cheaper. Sure, your cousin Mike has a nice camera and he is more than glad to cover your wedding.

What a cheap option? But, you need to understand this; quality begets the price. The truth is, unless you have a professional photographer who is also your friend, you should never leave this crucial task to an amateur.

We have compiled more reasons for your consideration. Your “budding photographer” ally promised to run point on photography on your wedding day, and you felt relief.

A few weeks before your wedding date, something comes up, and they won’t make it. Now you have to run helter-skelter looking for a replacement. On the contrary, a professional is bound by law to show up for your ceremony regardless.

If they fall sick, their agency has to provide a replacement. What’s worse, some friends may even lack the courtesy to call and inform you of their unavailability. Come the wedding day, you are using your Samsung Galaxy for your much awaited wedding cake photography. 

A professional photographer has spent thousands of hours perfecting his craft. They have lots of training combined with on the job experience which gives them more advantage over a non-skilled photographer.

Wedding cake photography is intricate, and it requires a high level of creativity. It calls for a photographer to shoot from different angles with varying camera settings and backgrounds. 

Due to their work experience, a professional will manage to capture shots even when the lighting is tricky. Unless your cousin Mike can pull off all these, your ceremony is best left in the hands of a professional.

When you hire a professional photographer from Houston, TX, you can rest easy knowing that someone capable is in control. An expert will come up with dozens of ideas for your wedding cake photography, most of which an amateur would never contemplate.

No need to fear for the quality of the photos, because you will always get value for your money when working with an expert. Moreover, professionals always bring backup gear to the party just in case the memory card or batteries fail. 

Some advice: if you wish to save money during your wedding, you are better off trying to spend less on other services. Do not save at the expense of the only memories you will have left after the occasion.

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Tips For Incredible Wedding Cake Photography In Houston TX

Your wedding day is definitely among the happiest days you will ever have in your life. The outstanding decor you chose, the venue and table settings, the amazing dress that you agonized over, the towering cake, the gorgeous bridal party, all your family and friends congratulating you.

This will be so overwhelming that you won’t remember each and every detail of the day. This is the reason why the photographer is one of the most important hire you make for your big day because he/she will capture those moments you cherish for you.

Unfortunately, the day goes by so fast that you might feel a bit shortchanged. When thinking of wedding photography, most people overlook wedding cake photography. The wedding cake can make or break your wedding.

In fact, it is the only thing that every person in attendance looks forward to have in the event. Do some research on wedding photography in Houston TX and become familiar with wedding cake photography.

You need to achieve more than just pretty pictures on your wedding day, thus doing some research will help you weed out mediocre photographers.

Moreover, it will enable you to weed through all the marketing garbage to get a photographer who will not only take awesome pictures of your wedding cake but also document the rest of the event to create life long memories.

After months of dreaming, planning and tasting, you have finally settled for the wedding cake. You have meticulously chosen what goes into the cake; from the flavor, the design and the designer to make sure it is becomes an exciting part of your big day.

However, this is only the first half of the battle. Creating a beautiful cake that makes your taste buds explode is an important first step; but none of that will count if not properly presented and photographed at the wedding venue.

The other half will entail proper presentation and cake photography. People eat with their eyes first; this especially true when it comes to presenting your cake at the wedding reception. 

As such, the wedding cake photographer needs to work with the presentation team to set the best environment to take wedding cake photos. After all, the cake is among the most photographed aspects of the wedding; second only to the bride.

The cake needs to be placed in an area with abundant lighting. This creates the perfect environment for photos. The intention is to take perfect shots of the cake from different angles without the need to edit them using any software.

When it comes to wedding cake photography, natural looking photos are more preferred.

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Wedding Cake Tasting at a Hotel Resort

Getting engaged can leave couples feeling as though they’re drifting high above the clouds. Being able to confess their love and commitment to one another in front of their closest family and friends while looking forward to decades of marital bliss seems like the penultimate joy.

What most couples aren’t prepared for is the level of chaos that wedding planning often entails. Budgets that have been strategically and painstakingly built must often be adjusted at a breakneck speed.

Details that were never considered start cropping up at the last minute, and service providers start declaring their schedules booked. 

Most people know just how important it is to find and lock into a venue early on. You, however, might think that you can sidestep the urgency in this area, given that you’re flexible and willing to accept a very relaxed and informal affairs.

No matter what reasons you might have for delaying this job; don’t. Choose a venue you like, make your reservations, and pay your deposit.

If you’re flying everyone in to host your nuptials and celebration at a major hotel resort, booking early can save you thousands of dollars while ensuring that your party has access to all of the choice rooms on your big day.

Make sure you choose a hotel resort that has something special. For instance, you can book a hotel resort which allows you to taste your wedding cake at their location.

Booking early will also make it easier to budget for everything else, and it will also help avoid the frustration of discovering that many of the top venues in Clearwater FL can sometimes get booked up months in advance.

Once you have your venue established, everything else will just be icing on the proverbial cake. Speaking of cake, never make wedding cake tasting the absolute last thing on your to-do list.

Surprisingly, big name bakeries (and even a number of the small, one to two-man operations) can get just as busy during wedding season as the most popular Clearwater FL wedding venues.

These visits to local shops can actually be a great stress busters. You can also arrange to have this done at a hotel resort which will allow for wedding cake tasting as well.

After all, seasoned bakers will be setting out their most sumptuous treats for you to sample, without asking for a penny. Schedule these visits on days when you want to relax by just getting coffee with your friends, or in between your couples’ dance lessons, or your gym or spa visits. 

The rules that apply to your baker are the very same rules that apply to your caterer. Start sampling your options early on and find professionals who can accommodate both your budget and any special dietary needs within your party.

Remember, there are multiple ways to serve your guests. Shopping your options early on will make it easy to determine if you want to order by the plate, or offer a massive, buffet-style feast.

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Wedding Cake Topper In Shape Of Crawfish

Your wedding day will always be memorable no matter what. It is on this day that you become unified in matrimony with your better half. Some moments cannot be recreated.

For instance, the proud tear in daddy’s eyes when he sees his little princess being the glamorous bride. The happy thrill of excitement as family and friends kiss and hug also can’t be bought.

While these moments are what contribute to making your big day perfect and unforgettable, you want your big day to be distinct. There were plenty of wedding celebrations throughout the year, and some of your guests may have attended some of them.

It is important to be theme-based and match your wedding ceremony with the season. For instance, your wedding menu should be based on the season of the year. A great idea would be to choose crawfish menu during the seafood season which would be best remembered by all your guests.

How do you guarantee that your guests get a different experience from the rest? Although your big day will always be engraved in your mind, here are some ideas to ensure that your big day leaves an indelible mark on every attendee.

  • Handmade stationery – For starters, why don’t you try some DIY for your invitations, reception menu, and order of service? Your guests will appreciate the beautifully organized stationery and even treasure them as souvenirs afterward.
  • Dedicate the bouquet – If you have someone special you want to distinguish at the wedding, you can have two bouquets. You will carry around one and dedicate it to the special friend, and then you can toss the other one. 
  • Try unique wedding cake ideas – The wedding cake is a big highlight of every part of your wedding ceremony. Make sure your cake is something to be talked about by choosing a distinct theme. For instance, you can have the wedding cake topper in the shape of crawfish when your wedding menu is on the same lines. There are a hundred and one different wedding cake ideas you can borrow to add more flair to your ceremony.
  • Magical transportation- Another brilliant way to instill magic into your ceremony is to make a unique entry into your wedding and the reception. How about making your way into your wedding reception in a limousine?

There are still countless ways to incorporate some flair into your big day to make it more fun and memorable for your guests.

The wedding cake topper in the shape of crawfish is sure to be an eyecatcher at the grand wedding ceremony.

But, do not forget to surprise the bride and groom’s parents with some gifts at the reception. They love it.

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Wedding Cake Topper In Shape Of Engagement Ring

The wedding day is one of the most important moments for any couple. It is the official moment when the union is solemnized before their loved ones. Everything needs to be perfect on that day. Unfortunately, some things tend to go wrong.

The most common mistake is the cake decorations. Cakes should be not only delicious, but also aesthetically beautiful. The frosting and layers play a role, but the crowning jewel is the cake topper used.

This is the most eye-catching part of a cake, and most couples use it to give a visual representation of their union. The right topper can send the right message to your loved ones.

One popular option for most people in in Houston, TX is the engagement ring. If you want to an engagement ring as the topper, you need a cake decorator who will be able to understand the message you want to portray in your cake.

You can garnish your cake with a beautiful wedding cake topper in shape of an engagement ring. You need to understand that the engagement ring topper has to merge with the wedding theme. 

As simple as the engagement ring topper may seem, there are many iterations that can be used to achieve the desired effect. Some of the toppers you can choose from include:

  • The single engagement ring – If you are the type of couple who want a single ring to symbolize your union, you can look for an exclusive assortment. You can choose from various metal colors like gold, silver and other colors. Make sure to pick the right size of the cake to ensure that the engagement ring topper fits with the size of the cake. 
  • A pair of engagement rings – You can opt for a pair of engagement rings to symbolize the merging of two individuals into one. There are lot of colored rings, but the most popular are gold and silver. 
  • A dove on an engagement ring – You can also go for the engagement ring with a dove. This is a popular choice for couples who want to symbolize the purity of their union. 
  • Engagement rings with words – You can even create a vertical message that can be used as a pedestal for the engagement rings. The message can be passionate or quirky depending on your character. 

There are a variety of engagement ring cake toppers. You can have pre-made classics or even order your custom design. The skilled artists will help you to make the right choice.

The main key point is to have a fast turnaround time. There needs to be quality and speed, which is rare in the wedding industry. The best engagement ring toppers should be delivered on time.

Make your wedding day memorable with the right engagement ring topper for your cake. The baker with the right skill and experience will ensure that your dream cake topper design becomes a reality.

Choose a great wedding cake topper in shape of an engagement ring and have a signature wedding in Houston, TX.

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Wedding Cake Included In Catering Service

Getting married is once in a lifetime event, and every woman has her own fantasy about the grand day. A fancy wedding is not complete without a wedding cake, but it doesn’t mean it has to be costly.

And just because it does not burn a hole in your wedding budget, it doesn’t mean it should just be plain and boring. In Houston TX, there are lots of unrivaled catering services which offer creative catering services with attention to detail and unforgettable taste which is second to none.

Through modernization and with the help of technology cake customization is now possible to fit your personalized wedding theme to reach endless possibilities.

There are few customizations that you might be interested in having.

3D cake projection mapping is a unique kind of masterpiece which takes your cake to a level of unforgettable experience. The chef uses images you might be able to provide, graphics, and unprecedented animation to tell you a tale in your special celebration. 

Entertain, impress, and mesmerize your guests with one of a kind art that’s far different from usual. You can choose either an edible to not edible cake with different tiers, customizable text, and videos.

The newest trend in the baking industry nowadays is mirror glazed cake. It’s shiny signature appearance with mesmerizing colors playfully provide deception for your eyes. The cake is made up of a lot of ingredients and inclusions, but is more of a mousse. 

This is, however, a little bit difficult and too delicate to bake since it definitely needs precision and patience. But once done and completed, it will catch your guests’ attention and amaze them with your gorgeous and classy wedding cake. 

The traditional stack cake is a traditional towering wedding cake with a twist. You can have it carved depending on the theme you prefer. Popular designs range from an exquisite, feminine with sweets and handcrafted gum paste flowers.

It’s simple but elegant, and you can customize how many tiers you want if you want to have flavors. Due to its delicious taste, you can expect there won’t any be leftovers.

Another popular traditional brides cake is of a white bridal flavor with delicate golden chevrons, peacock feathers, and cherry blossom on top. It also has fun flavors like red velvet, coconut, margarita, and champagne. You can choose from pure buttercream flavor and also chocolates.

Choosing the right service to cater your needs is very much important. There are a lot of budget-friendly bakeries and pastries shops especially in Houston TX that offer great taste without sacrificing the quality of the cake.

Do go for a sampling session and pick up the right flavor for your grand day.

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Wedding Cake Topper in Shape of Wedding Dress

Are you looking for the perfect wedding cake topper that will capture the essence of you and your love? Or are you confused on the best cake top you will have for your cake table?

It is true that the climax and excitement of a wedding reception is when the bride and bridegroom cut the cake. Because the cake table is such an important focal point, it is crucial to have a perfect cake topper for your wedding.

It is important to have endless custom options for you to decide the cake topper you want that will make your wedding unique.

Wedding cake toppers are crucial in completing your cake design. They could be of your home, your pet, your favorite quote, your beautiful mansion or even the shape of your wedding dress.

They are a great chance for you to add to your decor. Besides, they make your wedding day unique. It is advisable to have a stand in addition to the wedding cake topper so that you could keep your cake topper after the cake is eaten.

Wedding cake toppers could be incorporated anywhere on the table. It does not always have to be directly on top of the wedding cake. In case you want to serve smaller desserts at the reception, you should place our cake topper on a stand at the center of the cake table.

With the help of a cake designer, you can create a cake topper that will sit nicely on one of the tiers of the wedding cake.

A favorite wedding cake topper gaining momentum in Houston TX is the shape of your wedding dress. Many agree that a wedding cake topper in shape of wedding dress is something that couples will cherish throughout their marriage.

This cake top will turn out and please you in your wedding. This explains why it remains one of the favorite cake toppers for couples in Houston TX.

Since wedding cake toppers are a crucial part of your wedding, choose one that will match your personality. We have an extensive assortment of style and theme just for you.

Our extensive collection of cake toppers will make you find it easy to match your wedding theme. It might be beach themed, or even heart shaped wedding cake topper.

However, among the many cake top options, a wedding cake topper in shape of wedding dress truly stands out.

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