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Cakes by Gina HoustonThe best wedding cakes in Houston come from Cakes By Gina. They are also known for their baby shower cakes and birthday cakes, but they take a unique approach to baking Houston wedding cakes. With an architectural degree Gina approaches creating wedding cakes in Houston, Texas in a way other cake bakeries don’t.

She was inspired to create custom cakes in Houston after creating her own wedding cake.


Cakes by Gina Houston

Services Offered:

The vintage buttercream iced cakes baked at Cakes By Gina are the most affordable in Texas. Each cake can be created so that cake toppers can be used on them. The best fondant details are found on the vintage wedding cakes created at Cakes By Gina. Despite the strict attention paid to the details of baking each cake their prices are very affordable.

Why to Choose Them:

Aside from the delicious wedding cakes they bake Cakes By Gina also prepares other desserts such as cake pops, truffles, cookies and cupcakes. These can be used as tasty wedding favors for the guests and many couples these days are choosing to serve a tray of cupcakes in place of a traditional wedding cake. Various other specialties can be made if a client requests them. These specialty items are what make Cakes By Gina stand out from other bakeries in the Houston area.

Unlike most other bakeries Cakes By Gina use butter cream as the filling between layers rather than using icing. This gives the cake a more delicate and refined taste that couples often prefer. Cakes By Gina offers many choices when it comes to the flavors used, allowing couples to truly customize their wedding cake. Another service that Cakes By Gina is known for is the creation of their Groom cakes, which can even be created to be a 3D cake.


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