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Sweet Delights Wedding CakesJoie Cakes offers wedding cakes in Houston to many local couples. Unlike other cake bakeries, this one is a home based business. As the sole proprietor, owner Tiffany Hinojosa bakes birthday cakes, baby shower cakes and Houston wedding cakes all by herself. This dedicated and passionate baker creates cakes that are both unique and affordable. Many custom cakes in Houston and other parts of Texas are baked by Hinojosa.


Sweet Delights Wedding Cakes

Services Offered:

Services Offered:

In addition to creating wedding cakes in Houston, Texas Joie Cakes also creates sweet treats such as cakepops, cupcakes and cookies as well as the best macaroons in town. Customers can purchase vintage or modern custom cakes made to order. While prices for specialty cakes vary there is a set fee for cupcakes, cookies, brownies and cake pops. Customers have the option of having the top layer of any wedding cake decorated with a smooth coat of icing so cake toppers can be applied. There are many cake designs customers can choose from if they do not desire a customized design. Single tier cakes can even be purchased for smaller weddings.

Why to Choose Them:

There is nothing quite like a homemade wedding cake baked by someone who has the passion that fuels everything Joie Cakes does. Often cakes created in a commercial bakery have a generic cookie cutter type style and flavor, but at Joie Cakes each cake is baked with the same level of interest and devotion. Couples turn to this bakery to get the kind of wedding cake they would make for themselves if they had the time.



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