Moeller’s Bakery


Moeller’s BakerySince 1930 Moeller’s Bakery has been providing unique wedding cakes in Houston. Other cake bakeries don’t come close to doing as much business as this one does. Its longtime reputation for creating wedding cakes in Houston, Texas as well as both birthday cakes and baby shower cakes. No other custom cakes in Houston are as popular among residents as those that come from Moeller’s Bakery.

They are known for their affordable Houston wedding cakes, which they sell at competitive prices. Each cake they bake can accommodate cake toppers of any size or style.


Moeller’s Bakery

Services Offered:

Moeller’s Bakery provides locals with the best vintage and modern wedding cakes in Texas. Each of their cakes is baked with love and they can fill virtually any request a customer has regarding the design of their cake. They know how to decorate each wedding cake to be as individual as the couple the cake is baked for. Careful planning goes into the creation of every Moeller’s Bakery cake. They also offer sweet treats other than cake, and these treats can be ordered any time. Each item that comes out of this bakery is fresh, moist and delicious. Their cakes and treats will melt in the mouths of those lucky enough to eat them.

Why to Choose Them:

Any special order a customer places is one that Moeller’s Bakery will happily and successfully fill. They create each cake as if they were baking it for themselves, ensuring the delicious quality of the cake. The customer service offered by Moella’s Bakery is second to none and this is reflected by many happy customers who sing their praises through the positive reviews they always leave.



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