Sugar Rush Bake Gallery


Sugar Rush Cake GalleryThe best wedding cakes in Houston are routinely baked at the Sugar Rush Bake Gallery. In addition, unique customized birthday cakes and baby shower cakes are sold. These custom cakes in Houston have always been popular with the locals. Houston wedding cakes for countless couples have been baked by Sugar Rush.

It is one of the few cake bakeries in Texas whose customer base is referrals by repeat customers. The majority of wedding cakes in Houston, Texas come from this bakery. With prices for modern and vintage cakes that are affordable, Sugar Rush provides its customers with quite the sugar rush.


Sugar Rush Cake Gallery

Services Offered:

Special orders can always be placed for wedding cakes or any other types of cakes. Customers can tell the bakery to keep the top layer of their cake open so that they can use the cake toppers of their choice. In addition to baking cakes Sugar Rush also bakes and sells amazing cupcakes that can also be customized.

Why to Choose Them:

The cupcakes baked at Sugar Rush come in a variety of choices that help this bakery stand out from others. Some of these choices include The Temptation, which is a vanilla cupcake filled with the flavor of pineapple, Sock It To Me, which is a vanilla cupcake with cream cheeses flavored like pecans and cinnamon and Puddin’ Around, which is a banana cupcake filled with banana flavored pudding. Each flavor of cupcakes offered can also be included in any specialty cake a customer orders from the bakery. These unusual and interesting flavors can give any wedding cake a customized feel and flavor to it.


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