Sweet Delights Wedding Cakes


Sweet Delights Wedding CakesSweet Delights Wedding Cakes has been providing the best wedding cakes in Houston for more than 24 years. While the bakery started out just making birthday cakes for friends and family they now provide Houston wedding cakes to countless couples. Whether the owner was designing and baking baby shower cakes or anything else she was always thrilled to be preparing vintage cakes for loved ones.

She turned this passion into an opportunity to make custom cakes in Houston for couples getting married. As one of the smaller cake bakeries in Texas, much care is taken when creating each wedding cake. Before long, most unique wedding cakes in Houston, Texas came from Sweet Delights.


Sweet Delights Wedding Cakes

Services Offered:

Groom cakes are also baked at Sweet Delights and just as much time and care is taken to create these cakes as is taken to create traditional wedding cakes. The elaborate decorations on the cake are hand made by bakers on site. Cakes baked at Sweet Delights each have room on the top layers for cake toppers to be expertly applied. Though there are no prices listed on the Sweet Delights website they promise their customers affordable prices for any wedding cake they create.

Why to Choose Them:

While lesser bakeries start out using frozen cakes, Sweet Delights makes every single cake completely from scratch. This allows for a rich flavor and perfect texture that only the highest quality wedding cakes achieve. Customers can be sure that when they order a cake from this bakery each of the ingredients used in the cake will be the finest and freshest ingredients. There is no other bakery that produces higher quality wedding cakes than Sweet Delights does. Houston couples seek out this bakery when making their wedding plans.



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