The Wedding Dress Shaped Topper for Your Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes without toppers are boring and unmemorable. Cake toppers are truly an artistic centerpiece and speak volumes about the couple and the event.

Wedding cakes come in different designs and when choosing a one, you should take your cake topper into consideration. Even when wedding cakes are made to fit in with your theme, colors and wedding dresses, so many variables can throw your topper off course and make it inappropriate for your event. 

Do you want a trendy or timeless wedding cake topper? Toppers can be timeless. Do you want your grand kids to see the topper?

Or is it simply a part of your cake that’ll get tossed in the trash right after the event. If your topper is in the shape of your wedding dress, it will be remembered forever.

Traditional wedding cake toppers in the shape of a wedding dress and tuxedo are one of the most common and popular toppers available.

You can make unique wedding dress shaped cake toppers to show a representation of the couple in formal wedding attire.

In order to create a cohesive wedding look, ask yourself some simple questions. The topper will be cherished forever in your memory and that of your guests.

Generations of people will look at your topper in the shape of your wedding dress and admire your choice.

Do you want to make a great statement with your wedding cake topper? Being unique is modern and artsy.

If this is what you are going for, a wedding cake topper in the shape of wedding dresses or tuxedos can be customised to reflect your figurines.

The topper is always the center piece of a wedding cake but is never intended to draw attention completely away from the cake. When couples decide to make it the core focus, it is usually planned out. 

Timeless details at weddings is a favorite for many brides and some even want it to be so timeless that it becomes a family heirloom.

Your wedding day is a special occasion and to make it even more memorable, ensure that the smallest detail like your topper is something you love.

It is also important to spend time to choose the perfect wedding dress, because it will be the single most signature element of your wedding party and your wedding cake.

When you pick the perfect wedding dress that you make you glow on your day, you will surely kill two birds in a single stone.

Start your shopping at a reasonable time before your wedding date, to get details like fit, color and accessories right on spot.