Three Brothers Bakery


Three Brothers BakeryThree Brothers’ Bakery is known for making some of the best wedding cakes in Houston. Three Polish brothers started this bakery and to this day their relatives are running it. When the family first opened the bakery in Poland cake bakeries had to make everything by hand, as there were no mixers or other appliances to use.

Their vintage cakes have been the most popular custom cakes in Houston since they opened in the area in May of 1949. To this day wedding cakes in Houston, Texas that are made by Three Brothers’ Bakery follow the original recipes that have been used since the family first started the bakery in Poland.

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Three Brothers Bakery

Services Offered:

Aside from creating delicious Houston wedding cakes the bakery also creates unique baby shower cakes and birthday cakes with cake toppers at affordable prices. Texas wedding cakes that can be created by the Three Brothers’ Bakery also include traditional and 3D cakes for the groom. There are six pages of examples of these types of cakes that the bakery has created in the past. Their bakers are very skilled at creating any kind of cake their customers can dream up. Three Brothers’ Bakery is a wholesale bakery that has one location which is strictly Kosher.

Why to Choose Them:

Two very good reasons why customers flock to Three Brothers’ Bakery is because they know they can get cakes that are made using either lactose-free or sugar free products. This allows the bakery to be able to serve an increasing number of customers with health concerns. Since one of their locations is Kosher every product they make must be free of dairy products anyway, but all three of the bakery’s current locations are lactose intolerant friendly. Any one that needs a sugar free cake baked for them must let the bakery know in advance.


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