Wedding Cake Included In Catering Service

Getting married is once in a lifetime event, and every woman has her own fantasy about the grand day. A fancy wedding is not complete without a wedding cake, but it doesn’t mean it has to be costly.

And just because it does not burn a hole in your wedding budget, it doesn’t mean it should just be plain and boring. In Houston TX, there are lots of unrivaled catering services which offer creative catering services with attention to detail and unforgettable taste which is second to none.

Through modernization and with the help of technology cake customization is now possible to fit your personalized wedding theme to reach endless possibilities.

There are few customizations that you might be interested in having.

3D cake projection mapping is a unique kind of masterpiece which takes your cake to a level of unforgettable experience. The chef uses images you might be able to provide, graphics, and unprecedented animation to tell you a tale in your special celebration. 

Entertain, impress, and mesmerize your guests with one of a kind art that’s far different from usual. You can choose either an edible to not edible cake with different tiers, customizable text, and videos.

The newest trend in the baking industry nowadays is mirror glazed cake. It’s shiny signature appearance with mesmerizing colors playfully provide deception for your eyes. The cake is made up of a lot of ingredients and inclusions, but is more of a mousse. 

This is, however, a little bit difficult and too delicate to bake since it definitely needs precision and patience. But once done and completed, it will catch your guests’ attention and amaze them with your gorgeous and classy wedding cake. 

The traditional stack cake is a traditional towering wedding cake with a twist. You can have it carved depending on the theme you prefer. Popular designs range from an exquisite, feminine with sweets and handcrafted gum paste flowers.

It’s simple but elegant, and you can customize how many tiers you want if you want to have flavors. Due to its delicious taste, you can expect there won’t any be leftovers.

Another popular traditional brides cake is of a white bridal flavor with delicate golden chevrons, peacock feathers, and cherry blossom on top. It also has fun flavors like red velvet, coconut, margarita, and champagne. You can choose from pure buttercream flavor and also chocolates.

Choosing the right service to cater your needs is very much important. There are a lot of budget-friendly bakeries and pastries shops especially in Houston TX that offer great taste without sacrificing the quality of the cake.

Do go for a sampling session and pick up the right flavor for your grand day.

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