Tips For Incredible Wedding Cake Photography In Houston TX

Your wedding day is definitely among the happiest days you will ever have in your life. The outstanding decor you chose, the venue and table settings, the amazing dress that you agonized over, the towering cake, the gorgeous bridal party, all your family and friends congratulating you.

This will be so overwhelming that you won’t remember each and every detail of the day. This is the reason why the photographer is one of the most important hire you make for your big day because he/she will capture those moments you cherish for you.

Unfortunately, the day goes by so fast that you might feel a bit shortchanged. When thinking of wedding photography, most people overlook wedding cake photography. The wedding cake can make or break your wedding.

In fact, it is the only thing that every person in attendance looks forward to have in the event. Do some research on wedding photography in Houston TX and become familiar with wedding cake photography.

You need to achieve more than just pretty pictures on your wedding day, thus doing some research will help you weed out mediocre photographers.

Moreover, it will enable you to weed through all the marketing garbage to get a photographer who will not only take awesome pictures of your wedding cake but also document the rest of the event to create life long memories.

After months of dreaming, planning and tasting, you have finally settled for the wedding cake. You have meticulously chosen what goes into the cake; from the flavor, the design and the designer to make sure it is becomes an exciting part of your big day.

However, this is only the first half of the battle. Creating a beautiful cake that makes your taste buds explode is an important first step; but none of that will count if not properly presented and photographed at the wedding venue.

The other half will entail proper presentation and cake photography. People eat with their eyes first; this especially true when it comes to presenting your cake at the wedding reception. 

As such, the wedding cake photographer needs to work with the presentation team to set the best environment to take wedding cake photos. After all, the cake is among the most photographed aspects of the wedding; second only to the bride.

The cake needs to be placed in an area with abundant lighting. This creates the perfect environment for photos. The intention is to take perfect shots of the cake from different angles without the need to edit them using any software.

When it comes to wedding cake photography, natural looking photos are more preferred.

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