Wedding Cake Tasting at a Hotel Resort

Getting engaged can leave couples feeling as though they’re drifting high above the clouds. Being able to confess their love and commitment to one another in front of their closest family and friends while looking forward to decades of marital bliss seems like the penultimate joy.

What most couples aren’t prepared for is the level of chaos that wedding planning often entails. Budgets that have been strategically and painstakingly built must often be adjusted at a breakneck speed.

Details that were never considered start cropping up at the last minute, and service providers start declaring their schedules booked. 

Most people know just how important it is to find and lock into a venue early on. You, however, might think that you can sidestep the urgency in this area, given that you’re flexible and willing to accept a very relaxed and informal affairs.

No matter what reasons you might have for delaying this job; don’t. Choose a venue you like, make your reservations, and pay your deposit.

If you’re flying everyone in to host your nuptials and celebration at a major hotel resort, booking early can save you thousands of dollars while ensuring that your party has access to all of the choice rooms on your big day.

Make sure you choose a hotel resort that has something special. For instance, you can book a hotel resort which allows you to taste your wedding cake at their location.

Booking early will also make it easier to budget for everything else, and it will also help avoid the frustration of discovering that many of the top venues in Clearwater FL can sometimes get booked up months in advance.

Once you have your venue established, everything else will just be icing on the proverbial cake. Speaking of cake, never make wedding cake tasting the absolute last thing on your to-do list.

Surprisingly, big name bakeries (and even a number of the small, one to two-man operations) can get just as busy during wedding season as the most popular Clearwater FL wedding venues.

These visits to local shops can actually be a great stress busters. You can also arrange to have this done at a hotel resort which will allow for wedding cake tasting as well.

After all, seasoned bakers will be setting out their most sumptuous treats for you to sample, without asking for a penny. Schedule these visits on days when you want to relax by just getting coffee with your friends, or in between your couples’ dance lessons, or your gym or spa visits. 

The rules that apply to your baker are the very same rules that apply to your caterer. Start sampling your options early on and find professionals who can accommodate both your budget and any special dietary needs within your party.

Remember, there are multiple ways to serve your guests. Shopping your options early on will make it easy to determine if you want to order by the plate, or offer a massive, buffet-style feast.

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