Wedding Cake Topper In Shape Of Crawfish

Your wedding day will always be memorable no matter what. It is on this day that you become unified in matrimony with your better half. Some moments cannot be recreated.

For instance, the proud tear in daddy’s eyes when he sees his little princess being the glamorous bride. The happy thrill of excitement as family and friends kiss and hug also can’t be bought.

While these moments are what contribute to making your big day perfect and unforgettable, you want your big day to be distinct. There were plenty of wedding celebrations throughout the year, and some of your guests may have attended some of them.

It is important to be theme-based and match your wedding ceremony with the season. For instance, your wedding menu should be based on the season of the year. A great idea would be to choose crawfish menu during the seafood season which would be best remembered by all your guests.

How do you guarantee that your guests get a different experience from the rest? Although your big day will always be engraved in your mind, here are some ideas to ensure that your big day leaves an indelible mark on every attendee.

  • Handmade stationery – For starters, why don’t you try some DIY for your invitations, reception menu, and order of service? Your guests will appreciate the beautifully organized stationery and even treasure them as souvenirs afterward.
  • Dedicate the bouquet – If you have someone special you want to distinguish at the wedding, you can have two bouquets. You will carry around one and dedicate it to the special friend, and then you can toss the other one. 
  • Try unique wedding cake ideas – The wedding cake is a big highlight of every part of your wedding ceremony. Make sure your cake is something to be talked about by choosing a distinct theme. For instance, you can have the wedding cake topper in the shape of crawfish when your wedding menu is on the same lines. There are a hundred and one different wedding cake ideas you can borrow to add more flair to your ceremony.
  • Magical transportation- Another brilliant way to instill magic into your ceremony is to make a unique entry into your wedding and the reception. How about making your way into your wedding reception in a limousine?

There are still countless ways to incorporate some flair into your big day to make it more fun and memorable for your guests.

The wedding cake topper in the shape of crawfish is sure to be an eyecatcher at the grand wedding ceremony.

But, do not forget to surprise the bride and groom’s parents with some gifts at the reception. They love it.

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