Wedding Cake Topper In Shape Of Engagement Ring

The wedding day is one of the most important moments for any couple. It is the official moment when the union is solemnized before their loved ones. Everything needs to be perfect on that day. Unfortunately, some things tend to go wrong.

The most common mistake is the cake decorations. Cakes should be not only delicious, but also aesthetically beautiful. The frosting and layers play a role, but the crowning jewel is the cake topper used.

This is the most eye-catching part of a cake, and most couples use it to give a visual representation of their union. The right topper can send the right message to your loved ones.

One popular option for most people in in Houston, TX is the engagement ring. If you want to an engagement ring as the topper, you need a cake decorator who will be able to understand the message you want to portray in your cake.

You can garnish your cake with a beautiful wedding cake topper in shape of an engagement ring. You need to understand that the engagement ring topper has to merge with the wedding theme. 

As simple as the engagement ring topper may seem, there are many iterations that can be used to achieve the desired effect. Some of the toppers you can choose from include:

  • The single engagement ring – If you are the type of couple who want a single ring to symbolize your union, you can look for an exclusive assortment. You can choose from various metal colors like gold, silver and other colors. Make sure to pick the right size of the cake to ensure that the engagement ring topper fits with the size of the cake. 
  • A pair of engagement rings – You can opt for a pair of engagement rings to symbolize the merging of two individuals into one. There are lot of colored rings, but the most popular are gold and silver. 
  • A dove on an engagement ring – You can also go for the engagement ring with a dove. This is a popular choice for couples who want to symbolize the purity of their union. 
  • Engagement rings with words – You can even create a vertical message that can be used as a pedestal for the engagement rings. The message can be passionate or quirky depending on your character. 

There are a variety of engagement ring cake toppers. You can have pre-made classics or even order your custom design. The skilled artists will help you to make the right choice.

The main key point is to have a fast turnaround time. There needs to be quality and speed, which is rare in the wedding industry. The best engagement ring toppers should be delivered on time.

Make your wedding day memorable with the right engagement ring topper for your cake. The baker with the right skill and experience will ensure that your dream cake topper design becomes a reality.

Choose a great wedding cake topper in shape of an engagement ring and have a signature wedding in Houston, TX.

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